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Welcome to Mom's Job at, a place where a mom's questions are answered. This is the place for you. You can get more info's, learn new things, share stories and experiences, ask questions, solve the problems, even shopping and still many more!

I am a mom just like you!

I believe that all moms around the world have the same things to do and responsibility as a mom. Where ever you are even different backgrounds and culture. Being a mom is a full time job for life. You are not only dealing with your children, but you have to deal with piles of home works. Each day, just like never ending!

It is so much fun, but can be tough. Just like an adventure with a lot of challenges. I didn't know how hard being a mom was. Now that I am a mom. I know how hard it is! We have to deal with many things, even change. Each day we never expect what new things that lay ahead.

I am sure all moms will feel so grateful for all help they can get, even just a little. We often use internet as resources to get information we need, and may end up with unrelated or non-relevant sites. It is frustrating!

Your life will changed as soon as you have baby. See them growing up from infant until adulthood. Guide them on the right path with support and understanding to encourage their success in life.

"Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried job...since the payment is pure love." ((Mildred B. Vermont)

"A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's job is never done." (Unknown)


One of the most important mom's job is parenting. Every parent has a different method, and different needs for every child, because nobody is exactly the same. You cannot compare your child's development and ability with other children. Be grateful and proud of them! The way they are! Love them more than anything. Enjoy every single moment you spend with them. You will feel so blessed, and your life will be full of joy. 


  • Children do not come with instructions.
  • The best advice comes from experience.
  • Recognize your children.
  • Build good communication and trust between you and your children.

Another mom's jobs besides dealing with children and piles of home works are to be required as party organizers, chefs, nurses, even teachers, etc.

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